The Firm

Regina Law Chambers believes the best way to practise law is to lower our carbon footprint and increase our impact.  We operate virtually, no long commutes to office, no face time and best of all, no office politics.  This makes us solution-oriented, productive and focused, particularly on making your needs our top priority. 

It's about constantly measuring and improving our operations so that we can maximize the value we are supplying to you.   We craft practical legal solutions to provide greater clarity for the legal conundrums you may inevitably encounter at any stage in your life. 

Our virtual platform provides the most effective means to service you more efficiently, at less cost, and with more flexibility. Our modern, virtual approach simply aims to cut down costs normally spent on extensive office space, multiple hard copies of legal documents, cavernous lobbies and administration: cost savings that can be passed on to you through lower billable rates than traditional law firms providing qualified lawyers at the same level of experience and expertise.  We are flexible, accessible and more relatable.