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As business transactions get ever more responsive and efficient, we deliver quickly, simply and to a high standard, from capturing all relevant details to producing consistently high-quality documents

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Connect with us on the phone, zoom or webex for a virtual meeting in the comfort and privacy of your own home

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You are assigned the same experienced legal counsel from start to finish, highly trained on all aspects of your case and ready to deliver on all your projects, no shortcuts

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Turnaround time for your matters is one of the most expedient in the industry, strictly no delays and unnecessary waiting time

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You are assured of one of the most competitive rates in the market whilst maintaining only the highest standards


With your utmost safety and well-being at heart, we have gone virtual to bring you the best that technology can offer in the new normal

Start taking charge of your desired results

Count on us to evaluate your chances, assess your case, analyze your data, configure the right strategy that works best for you and improve your results

The firm provides a full range of dedicated legal services in the arena of family, divorce and matrimonial law:
  • expeditious resolution of divorce proceedings;
  • both highly contentious and non-contentious divorce;
  • tactical negotiations for a consent order;
  • global settlement of contested issues at mediation;
  • litigation in court usually as a last resort where appropriate under the circumstances;
  • children and maintenance disputes;
  • assets division and property disputes;
  • dispute resolution and sustained mediation.

Elevate your business prospects to an entirely new level in the New Normal

  • Analyze your current business activities and engage only the best legal representatives to meet your needs
  • Receive instant updates and notifications about your current progress on the case for complete peace of mind
  • Only commercially viable and feasible solutions that work strategically are advised
  • We specialise in all forms of commercial disputes such as advising on contractual claims;
  • shareholder disputes;
  • and all manner of conflict between commercial parties, both individuals and companies;
  • customised contract drafting and corporate legal due diligence documentation for business success;
  • expertly curated reports and opinions;
  • business consultancy and advisory services besides mentoring with high-level executives;
  • to serve the differing needs of individuals from all walks of life,
  • corporates and financial institutions alike.

Not all solutions are created equal

The adoption of creative new processes within the firm brings core benefits of entirely new levels of consistency, better risk management, built-in quality control, transparency, traceability, brand reputation adherence and optimal client satisfaction.

We aspire for our clients to find the experience and journey of working with us to be as satisfying as the outcomes we generate.

We remain committed to serving your best interests, and continuing our tradition of excellence and integrity by the provision of quality virtual legal services that you can access anytime, anywhere in the world.

Quality Assurance

Quality in Business Certification

Regina Law Chambers is proud to announce that we have been awarded the Quality in Business Certification from the International Trade Council (‘ITC’) in February 2019.   As a global peak-body Chamber of Commerce representing government export agencies, chambers of commerce, industry associations and businesses from 176 countries around the world and having been in existence for the past 65 years, the ITC offers independent certifications that show an organization’s adherence to global best business practices as benchmarked against the ITC’s Quality in Business Standard and meet only the highest standards for quality performance, service and results.

To receive certification, Regina Law Chambers passed a stringent and comprehensive audit covering 16 key sectors, 96 core criteria and 249 compliance indicators.

To maintain the Quality in Business Certification and to ensure the public of the continued quality of our brand, Regina Law Chambers has satisfied the ITC certification requirements, which include audits of our facilities and services at any stage.  This certification is not mandated by any regulatory agency, but was sought out actively because of Regina Law Chambers’s commitment to continued quality and the best satisfaction of our customers.

Shareholder Dispute

"I haven't trusted lawyers until recently - I always thought that they don’t really care about the client's case, except their own interests. But you’ve proved me wrong: my well-being was a priority for you. You helped me with every little detail. The work you did was meticulous and thorough. Trusting you was the best decision I've ever made. Thank you for everything! "

Contractual Claim

"I received the professional advice and expert guidance that I needed to put an end to my consumers' claim. I had been struggling with the case for years, having gone through countless sleepless nights and you could solve a case that seemed endless within a few months with such ease."

Partnership Dispute

"When one of my ex-business partners kicked me out of a profitable business I helped build from scratch, it taught me the importance of having a “black and white” to make sure my interests are protected… and to be truly selective with whom I'll work with.. the legal documents that was drafted for me by Regina has stood the test of time. I always go back to the same firm to revise and update my documents to reflect my current work." 

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In line with government directives, we have implemented safe distancing measures and established a virtual law office for your convenience and ease of access to our virtual services.  Please send all documents and payments to us via electronic means to avoid any delays in receipt.  Should you have any enquiries or request for our services, please make an advance appointment by writing to reginalawchambers@gmail.com